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There is one form of reality, virtual and augmented worlds. You can find multiple VR/ MR Cinemas, the only and biggest VR/MR arcade in the USA, here in NYC.

WebGuyz is providing THE FIRST EVER HoloLens curated experiences. Our play lab lets you explore artificial worlds and interact with real holograms. Come try out our Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality experiences. You now have the opportunity to use the first self-contained holographic computer. The world is changing and you can become a part of that change– come find out how!

Learn through experiences! Visit places around the world, explore Galaxies and learn about the Human Anatomy.


From $40
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Learn about the human body and how to stay fit.


From $40
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Transform your room and shoot flying robots.


From $40
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PG rated games for all.

Kids and Family

From $40
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Watch fireworks from up close.


From $40
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Create your own stories using famous characters in videos games.


From $40
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Mixed Reality Experiences

Go Where One Has Never Been Before

New to Mixed Reality?

Check out our exclusive HoloLens experiences here in New York City.
Explore Other Forms Of Reality With Our Specialists

Our Mixed Reality Specialists

Team member
Bilal Ahmed
WebGuyz Experience Engineer
Team member
Joshua Bolton
Director of Business Development
Team member
Jason Scoon
Webguyz Technology and Mixed Reality Expert
Team member
Michel Camarillo
Webguyz Experience Engineer
Experience the level of immersion unavailable on consumer markets
Understand how holograms work in the space around you and manipulate them
Come back for more experiences or purchase a complete bundle

Discover the new reality
and dimension of mankind.

Ever wanted to feel like a character out of Total Recall or Minority Report, look no further. We offer virtual reality and mixed reality experiences that will fully immerse your body and mind making you hungry for that much more. Experiences offer the following:

  • Full immersion
  • Great body workout
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Photo Realistic holograms
  • Escape from boring normalities
  • Chance to see the future of tech

First Timer

There’s a first time for everything. Come and receive a discount for your first experience.

Bring the

Bring a friend to tackle an experience with you and get a 20% discount

Want More

Bundle together 3-4 experiences and get a 25% discount off your purchase

Visitor’s reviews

Testimonial by Michel
I love the magical experience I had with the HoloLens. Truly Mixed Reality has changed my life in how I view the world now.
Developer and Magician
Testimonial by Josh Bolton
Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality has opened my eyes to for the future. This technology will revolutionize all industries.
Josh Bolton
Business Development
Testimonial by Jason Scoon
By far the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life.
Jason Scoon
Software Engineer
Testimonial by Ross Cohen
I had an unforgettable experience using the HoloLens!
Ross Cohen
CEO of Webguyz
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Find us

Catch us giving demos in the heart of the roaring city and be transported into a next level mixed and virtual reality experience. Experience the future of art, music, wellness, and entertainment

Mon – Wed: 1pm-11pm  

Thur, Fri, Sat: 11am – 2am

Sun: 11am – 11pm


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